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Looking to get involved in the South Salt Lake community? Take a look at the Chamber's diverse programs and engagement opportunities featured below!

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Chamber Ambassadors

The SSL Chamber Ambassadors are a  dedicated assembly of SSL-based business and community professionals who generously contribute their time and efforts to act as official goodwill ambassadors exclusively for the South Salt Lake Chamber. Chamber ambassadors actively engage with the business community in SSL. 

Women in Business 

Women in Business's (WIB) mission is to empower women and foster professional growth. WIB is dedicated to providing mentoring support, facilitating leadership opportunities, and hosting networking events that enable women to thrive in their careers. With a foundation rooted in integrity, honesty, and compassion, WIB aims to create a supportive community that uplifts women in business. WIB strives to positively impact the growth and success of women in our local business communities.

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Business Education

Business Education comprises representatives from the leadership of various educational institutions, local businesses, prominent organizations, officials from the police and fire department, the Chamber, and the City. Monthly meetings serve as a platform for fostering open communication, exchanging ideas, and collaboratively supporting each other in the implementation of specific programs.

Event Planning Committee

Get involved in South Salt Lake – consider joining the Event Planning Committee for the Chamber! Your creativity and ideas could be the key ingredients to make our chamber events unforgettable.

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